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About Us

Mehta Tech, Inc. has been in business of satisfying the needs of utilities and industry for disturbance monitoring equipment for over 30 years.

Our driving principle has been to combine the knowledge of traditional utility engineering practices and application requirements with innovative digital microprocessor (DSP) based technologies to develop products and solutions to meet user needs. Our view is that the incorporation of additional computing, new communication schemes, and new standards will be an ongoing challenge to meet users’ needs for reliable data and dependable information. We are prepared to respond to these challenges.

Early on, we foresaw that the conventional DFR would become a multifunction device to collect and deliver data and calculated results for various O&M, automation and visualization applications. Today our multifunction DFR/PMU products support local storage of high speed recordings initiated by trigger detection, slower speed continuous recording, and phasor data streaming. Using versatile facilities for selection of parameters, these basic functions allow our users to configure the installation to meet site and application requirements as a combination of the following functions:

DFR/SOE   Digital Fault and Event Recorder

DDR           Dynamic Disturbance Recorder

DME           Disturbance Monitoring Equipment

PMU           Phasor Measurement Unit

Mehta Tech’s products are installed in a variety of facilities:

  • 750kV transmission substations down  to 69kV distribution substations
  • Nuclear, fossil fuel, and hydro-electric generating plants
  • Stations with connections to wind farms and renewable generating facilities
  • Petro-chemical and Silicon Fab plants

With over 1,700 large scale DFR installations monitoring our customers’ critical sites, customer support is an important aspect of our activities. Our customer support includes project engineering, application support, installation/start-up assistance and  customer training, and long term support to maintain / upgrade the installed equipment.

Today Mehta Tech continues to be an innovation driven manufacturer of multifunction DFR/PMU products. The input capacities, performance, configurability and upgradability of our DFR/PMUs are designed to be industry leading offerings. The benefits of this approach are seen in our customers’ use of the installed equipment for the longest time of any currently marketed DFR product  in the country, resulting in one of the lowest costs of life-time use (ownership).

Our customer list includes major investor-owned and public utilities across the country and is available on request. Our DFRs are used by more than half of the North America’s largest investor owned and provincial Canadian utilities. Our customer list also includes small investor-owned utilities, Public Power companies, REAs, municipals and industrials. Our business relations with many of these organizations are long term, spanning over twenty years.

Mehta Tech is made up of talented design engineers, manufacturing, software and application personnel that support our business.  We invest heavily in new design and one-third of our staff is involved in new design. Key personnel and industry advisors are active in NASPI, including the NASPI Performance Requirements, Standards & Verification Task Team (PRSVTT), IEEE PSRC Working Groups, and TRUC (Transient Recorder Users Council), both as presenters and as committee members developing standards and organizing industry conferences.