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Mehta Tech, Inc. TRANSCAN Master Station Software Suite v4.4.2.1


Installation procedure


1.   IMPORTANT:  for computers with Mehta Tech TRANSCAN DFR or TRANSCAN IED software suite prior to version 4.4, ensure that existing Mehta Tech DFR or IED software is completely replaced (uninstalled).  You will need to remove Quick Launch shortcuts (for Mehta Tech programs) from the task bar of your PC, also any related program shortcuts from the Desktop.  If your existing installed Mehta Tech software suite is prior to v3.0 (August 2003), or if you have any questions about this procedure, please call us at 563.285.9151, x21.

2.   Find the TranscanSuite.exe file. Double-click on it to launch the installation process.  This will bring up the program selection window.

3.   Select the appropriate software suite(s), program(s) or Tools for installation.

a)  When upgrading from version 4.4 or newer, select the "Repair" option, you may not need a 'key' to complete the installation.

b)  For new installations, Mehta Tech recommends the default installation be changed from C:\Program Files\Transcan Master Station to C:\Transcan Master Station.

c)  For new or re-installation enter the relevant ‘keys’ which were provided for new installations. 

     If you have not been provided with a key for each copy of the software for which you have a license, please call 563.285.9151, x12.  Note that each key is unique, and can only be used for its designated installation.

4.   The DFR suite, IED suite or Polyview application must be installed prior to installation of the TRANSCAN Analysis Tools.  If you have a license for all of the Analysis Tools, enter the key in the "Full Suite" box.  If you have individual Analysis Tools, a key will have been provided to you for each individual Analysis Tool.



1.   Each key is unique and can only be used to install a specified feature.

2.   Manuals are in Adobe PDF format, which can be read by Adobe Reader.


April, 2020 TRANSCAN Master Station Software Suite v4.4.2.1