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With over 1,700 large scale DFR installations monitoring our customers’ critical sites, customer support is an important aspect of our activities. 

Our customers includes large and small investor owned utilities, Public Power companies, REAs, municipals and industrials. Our business relations with many of these organizations are long term customers, spanning over twenty years.

Mehta Tech’s products are installed in a variety of facilities: 750kV transmission substations down to 69kV distribution substations nuclear, fossil fuel, and hydro electric generating plants Stations with connections to wind farms and renewable generating facilities Petrochemical and Silicon Fab plants

From Large

Our customers trust Mehta Tech's capability to provide the following functions in a secure, accurate, reliable and steadfast manner that creates a worry-free, long-life solutions that is supported throughout the years. The incorporation of modular construction that makes upgrading for more advanced applications easy to do in the field or in our factory.

• Multifunction DFR/PMU Capabilities 
• Capacity and Configurability 
• Time Synchronization 
• Trigger-initiated Fault Recording (DFR) 
• Continuous Local Storage (DDR) 
• Phasor Data Streaming (PMU) 
• COMTRADE (IEEE C37.111-1999 & 2013) and IEEE File Naming Convention (IEEE C37.232-2011) 
• Data for NERC PRC-002 (DME) Requirements 
• PMU Functionality 

To Small

Our business relations with many of these organizations are long term, span over forty years.

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