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DFR Master Station Software

Basic program functions include the following:

Configuration and Calibration Software

  • Lets users configure independent recorder functions and triggers within each recorder.
  • Parameters may be modified by software, either locally with a computer or remotely from a DFR Master Station computer via communications.
  • Trigger types and levels may be independently set for each channel.

Communication Software

  • Software allows the user to communicate with DFRs in a substation using a local computer or a remote DFR Master Station computer.
  • Data can include analog values, calculated values, and digital input status.
  • Data files also include station name, record number, date and time.

Graphical Display and Printing

  • Allows eleven user-definable display formats which can be saved for each DFR.


Optional Analysis Software

  • Calculate symmetrical components (Negative, Zero, and Positive Sequences)
  • Calculate deviation from base frequency
  • Calculate total harmonics (up to 48th)
  • Calculate amplitude values of currents and voltages
  • Calculate real and reactive power
  • Calculate phase angle
  • Calculate apparent line impedance
  • Calculate distance to fault


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